Polish Tatra Sheepdogs



tatrapupsThis is the OWCZAREK PODHALANSKI breed. It originates in Poland and is commonly referred to as the Polish Tatra Mountain Dog. In early 2002 we imported 2 unrelated puppies from Poland. They both took on their own personalities and have were very helpful with the sheep and their guard duties. In 2003 we brought in another female, Ninni, from Finland to join the clan.

The original 3 that we had all lived long and happy lives.  In 2015 we had been without a Tatra for about a year when we decided that it was time to bring them back.



First we added Barca to the family.  He came from Texas.

Barca    12711100_10206149075189809_1473274055730224591_o


Then we added Banija (NeeSha) who came to us from Poland

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