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Tatra Facts


Description: Tatras were developed as working dogs. They serve a dual purpose and act as both a herding dog and also a guardian dog. Its imposing attitude and beautiful appearance make it a good companion dog. Tatras generally do not attack predators but stand their ground, and stay with their charges (be it sheep, goats or their human charges).

The Tatra is a large dog. He has heavy bone, a massive body and is powerfully muscled. His profuse coat is generally pure white. They are hardy strong dogs able to work on a minimal diet and withstand cold, harsh temperatures as well as hot, dry heat. The Tatras require early socialization and then throughout its entire life.

Other Names: Polski Owczarek Podhalanski

Height: Female – 24”-26”, Male – 26”-28”

Weight: 80 – 130 lbs.

Colors: Pure White-no color markings with black pigmented nose leather, lip and lid edges, dark footpads.

Coat: Heavy double coated. Top coat hard to the touch, straight or slightly wavy. Profuse, dense undercoat.

Temperament: This hardy breed is courageous, lively, and alert. He is an agile, swift runner. He is naturally gentle and calm and must never be treated harshly. Loyal to his owner and affectionate with children, he watches over his territory and family. Independent, self-thinking, highly intelligent, able to assess situations without human guidance.

With Children: Generally very gentle with well behaved and mannerly children. Will not tolerate abuse from children or adults

With Pets: Generally gets along well with other pets. Not highly dog-dog aggressive.

Watch-dog: Very High: Territorial of home and surroundings. Loud warning barks at anything it deems suspicious or strange – will bite eventually if challenged or pushed.

Guard-dog: Very High: Wakeful and vigilant during night hours. If left outside will patrol property and territory. Will bark at anything out of place or unusual. Has been known to deter wolves and bears.

Care and Exercise: Daily exercise is required. Sheds its undercoat profusely twice a year and must be brushed and groomed. If the dog remains indoors, it will shed year round. It stays clean even when shedding due to its self cleaning coat. Dry mouthed – does not drool. Teeth, ears and nails must be tended to weekly.

Training: Needs an owner who is intelligent, preferably with prior big dog experience. Owner must be a strong alpha leader, fair and very consistent with all rules. Needs early socialization

** Information provided by Carol Wood

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