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Tatra Registration

Registration Policy

Just as there is no such thing as a “perfect” human being, there is no such thing as a “perfect” Tatra. Regardless of the number of champions in a litter’s background, some of the puppies will fit the “Standard of Perfection” more closely than others.

Even though the Tatra is not recognized by the AKC we follow the guidelines for AKC’s full & partial registration rights policy is an effort on the part of concerned breeders and the AKC to stop the spread of “puppy mills” and to ensure breeding of dogs that most closely exhibit the standard of the breed

Full registration rights

The puppy is a truly registered Tatra.   They will be registered with UKC, ARBA and / or FCI.  These puppies will be allowed to be bred.

Partial registration rights

The puppy is a truly registered, pure-blooded Tatra also.  Puppies sold strictly “pets” should come with this type of registration. The term “pet-quality” should not mean a defective puppy, but a puppy whose highest and best role in life is being a friend of Man.

Our Policy in this regard

Most of our puppies may be adopted as “pets” with “limited registration rights”. Occasionally, a particularly fine puppy may be adopted with “full registration rights” to selected prospective puppy parents. The price for such a puppy will, of course, reflect that privilege.

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